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Jesteśmy Spójnia

Good morning. Our name is Spójnia Stargard.

We have been visiting Europe for a short time, and now we invite you to join us. It would be appropriate then to introduce ourselves.

Where are we from?
Stargard is one of the oldest cities in the region – we have been on the maps for 780 years. In this town on the Ina River Polish, Hanseatic and Prussian influences intermingled for many years, resulting in a city unique in its climate. This is a place where history meets modernity, as our record will prove – our Old Town is the area with the largest number of monuments in Poland in such a small area. We make our history in this remarkable city. Next to the charming Old Town Square or the unique Mill Gate, our hall has become one of the most important places in Stargard.

Our city stands for basketball. Our traditions date back to 1949. For almost 75 years now, the maroon and white colours have been seen on courts all over the country. Admittedly, we haven’t conquered Poland yet, but we came close once. We have a mix of characters in our squad. We have local heroes and experienced warriors. Our captain is a man who has represented not only our city, but also our country – Karol Gruszecki. Stephen Brown and Sebastian Kowalczyk will enchant on the playmakers. Benjamin Simons, Aleksandar Langović and Dominik Grudzinski will appear on the wings. Under the basket you will be threatened by Wesley Gordon and Adam Łapeta. And if you want to threaten us, you’ll have to go through Devon Daniels and Adam Brenk. Just like our city, we are one and only. All so that we can celebrate after every game with the fans.

It is our fans, our city that pushes us to be our best on the court. Anyway, see for yourself. Come visit us. We are Spójnia. Nice to meet you.



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